Sunday, June 05, 2011

The natural mantra - Soham

The natural mantra - Soham  (Pronounced as So' Hum')

  Now let us learn about a mantra which repeats itself in all of us ! This the the natural mantra - Soham . 

  Till now I have told you about those mantra which  are required to repeated by the meditator. Now, I'll tell you about a mantra which is not needed to be repeated - because it is continuously repeating itself on its own - in all of us. This mantra is  So'ham - the natural mantra, the mantra of your true self. It does not belong to the East or the West or to any religion. So'ham  is the inherent in everybody, in all of us; it repeats itself continually, along with our breathing. It is said that as long as this mantra keeps going on inside us, there is life in the body. As soon as it stops, we are no more.
The meaning of So'ham is "I am That". Through these two syllables, we contemplate our oneness with the supreme consciousness. Through the ever going process of breathing, our 'self' keeps repeating this mantra -  I am that.

  The heart is considered as the source of So'ham. It is from the heart that the syllables of 'So' and 'Ham' arise, and again in the heart that they subside. If you observe your breath, you will notice that it arises from within with the sound So', goes out of the body to a distance of about twelve fingers, and dissolves there. A fraction of a second later, the inhalation arises with the sound ham and goes back into the body. It merges in the heart for a split second and then arise again in the form of 'So. Between the inhalation and the exhalation, and between the exhalation and inhalation, there is a fraction of second which is absolutely still and free of thoughts.( It is the same moment of pause that I explained in Pause breath method of Deep Breathing)  . That space is the space of the truth. When you breath in and out, listening the ham  and so, you should focus on that space for as long as it lasts. As you practise the technique, the space will gradually expand.

Observing the So'ham is a natural Sadhana, a natural yoga. It is known as ajapa-japa, the unrepeated mantra repetition. Since So'ham goes on within you all the time, you do not have to make an effort to repeat it. All you have to do is become aware of it. You do not need any faith. You just have to watch the space of truth.

Since this technique is very subtle, you have to practise it for a while in order to understand it. Whenever you sit quietly, follow your breath and listen to the mantra. If you do not immediately become aware that the mantra (So'ham) is repeating itself, you can repeat the syllables along with your breathing. (So' during exhalation and ham' during inhalation In a few days you will be able to synchronize the mantra with your breath. Soon you will begin to hear the mantra naturally. If you practice it for a while, you will experience the self.

The practice of So'ham is recommended in the Upanishads and the Vedas. It has been said about So'ham that :
Watch the So'ham. Those who contemplate So' ham ceaselessly, discarding worldly entanglements, they attain the supreme state and their worldly bondage is destroyed.                     
           While repeating So'ham, keep in mind that the goal and practice of So' ham are the same. So' ham means "I am that," and if you practise it with complete concentration, being aware of the breath coming in and going out, you will experience That (which is nothing but your true self). The truth is that you do not really have to practise it, because you are already That. The practise of So' ham is a matter of understanding. You are not required to repeat it . It is already going on in you. You have to just watch and listen it. Just watch the breathing process, listen the So'ham and realize the true self present in you which always says 'I am that'



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