Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tips to Purify Our Mind.

It is very important that the mind be cleansed and purified, in order to purify our soul. The battle between good tendencies and bad tendencies are always going on inside our mind and we are often overtaken by bad tendencies and thus get destroyed.

Tips to Purify Our Mind.The first way is the stilling of the mind, because it is very often the activity of the mind, which produces impurities. The stilling of the mind removes impurities from it; it is like tuning the mind to its natural pitch.

The second way of purifying the mind is by way of breathing. Impurities of mind can be thrown out by the right way of breathing. That is why mystics combine breathing with posture. Posture helps the stilling of mind, breathing helps the cleansing of mind. These two go together.

The third way of purifying the mind is by attitude; by the right attitude towards life. That is the moral way and the royal road to purification. Thus the purification of the mind, from a moral point of view, should be learned in one's everyday life. By trying to consider things sympathetically, favorably, by looking at others as one looks at oneself, by putting oneself in their position instead of accusing others on seeing their infirmities.

Real Happiness

Concentration of the mind on God after purification can give you real happiness and knowledge. You are born for this purpose only. Dive deep, in to the divine flame, the Light of lights is burning there, plunge deep, and Merge within.Our Rishis keep us reminding that do not forget that you are an everlasting spirit (a fraction of the Supreme soul or power) which never gets lost, which never sees extinction, it keeps changing forms with the sole purpose of growth and getting more and more purified. Highest spiritual attainment is identified as merging completely in thoughts and actions with the supreme power known as infinite spirit. When the purification is perfect, it merges with the Universal spirit, the Lord.



why do we need religions?making n keping ourslfs pure wil help salvation or merge with the lord?religions make me puzzle.plz advic me..

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